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She finally arrives at the flower shop. The novel then jumps to with Virginia Woolf waking one morning with the possible first line of a new novel. She carefully navigates her way through the morning, so as not to lose her inspiration.

Clarissa Linde

When she picks up her pen, she writes: Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself. She does not want to get up despite it being her husband Dan's birthday. She is finding it hard playing the role of wife to Dan, and mother to her son Richie, despite her appreciation for them. She would much rather read her book. She eventually forces herself to go downstairs where she decides to make a cake for Dan's birthday which Richie will help her make.

The novel returns to Clarissa Vaughan who, having left the flower shop with an armload of flowers, decides to stop by Richard's apartment. On her way to Richard's she pauses at the site of a film shoot, hoping to catch a glimpse of a movie star. Eventually she leaves, having not seen the star, embarrassed at her own trivial impulses. Clarissa enters the neighbourhood she and Richard frequented as young adults. It is revealed Richard and Clarissa once had a failed experimental romantic relationship together despite it being obvious Richard's "deepest longings" were for Louis with whom he was already in a relationship.

Clarissa still wonders what her life might have been if they had tried to stay together.

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Clarissa enters Richard's apartment building, which she finds squalid. She seems to associate Richard's apartment building with sense of decay and death. She enters Richard's apartment. Richard welcomes Clarissa, calling her "Mrs. D" a reference to 'Mrs. He calls her this because of the shared first name Clarissa Vaughan, Clarissa Dalloway but also because of a sense of shared destiny.

As Richard's closest friend, Clarissa has taken on the role of a caregiver through Richard's illness. Richard is struggling with what appears to Clarissa to be mental illness, brought about by his AIDS and discusses hearing voices with Clarissa.

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While Clarissa still enjoys everyday life, it seems Richard's illness has sapped his energy for life and the cleanliness of his apartment is subsequently suffering. As Clarissa fusses about, paying attention to the details of Richard's life that he has neglected, Richard seems resigned. He does not seem to be looking forward to the party Clarissa is organising for him nearly as much as Clarissa is. Finally, Clarissa leaves promising to return in the afternoon to help him prepare for the party.

Meanwhile, two hours have passed since Virginia began writing the start of 'Mrs. Eliot where Leonard and an assistant, Ralph are at work. She senses from Ralph's demeanour the "impossibly demanding" Leonard has just scolded him for some inefficiency. Virginia announces she is going for a walk and will then pitch in with the work. In parallel imagery to Virginia Woolf's, Laura Brown also goes about an act of creation: making Dan's birthday cake.

Richie is helping her, and Laura passes through emotions of intense love for, and annoyance with Richie. Laura wants desperately to desire nothing more than the life she has as a wife and mother, to be making a cake, and sees both the cake-making and her present lot in life as her art, just as writing is Virginia Woolf's art:. Virginia Woolf is taking her walk while thinking of ideas for her novel. She already believes Clarissa Dalloway will commit suicide, now Virginia plans for Mrs. Dalloway to have had one true love: not her husband, but a girl Clarissa knew during her own girlhood.

Her love of another girl will have represented a time when she was not afraid to go against the destiny laid out for her by society and family. Virginia plans for Clarissa to kill herself in middle-age over something quite trivial, a representation of what her life has become and what has been repressed. As Virginia walks about Richmond she reflects on how Mrs.

Dalloway's deterioration in middle-age represents how Virginia feels about being trapped in suburban Richmond when she only feels fully alive in London. She is aware she is more susceptible to mental illness in London, but would rather die 'raving mad' in London than avoid life and perhaps prolong her years in Richmond. As Virginia returns home she feels, as did Laura Brown in the previous chapter, as if she is impersonating herself, as if the person she is presenting herself to be requires artifice.

She puts on this 'act' to convince herself and others that she is 'sane' and so Leonard will agree with the idea of moving back to London. Virginia understands that there is "true art" in the requirement for women such as herself to act as they do. Feeling in control of her 'act' she goes to speak to the cook, Nelly, about lunch.

However, Nelly, with her petty grievances and implicit demands that the daily life of running the house which is Virginia's domain, be observed, overwhelms Virginia.

Nelly appears to have a matronly competence whilst Virginia does not seem to have a house-wifey bone in her body. Virginia decides to give her character, Clarissa Dalloway, the great skill with servants that she herself does not possess. Having walked back home from Richard's, Clarissa Vaughan enters her apartment.

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Her partner Sally, a TV producer, is on her way out the door to a lunch meeting with a film star. Suddenly, left alone, Clarissa feels unmoored.

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  • She feels as if her home and its comforts are trivial in light of the impending death of her closest friend Richard; compared to a time when she felt most alive and had everything to hope for. Her apartment is just as much a "realm of the dead" as Richard's. Like the other characters in Cunningham's novel she questions the value of her present life and whether it isn't a negation via triviality of the life she could lead. Then the feeling moves on. Clarissa is disappointed but relieved to find her life is her own and that she wants no other.

    She holds onto the prospect of preparing Richard's party as affirmation and begins arrangements.

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    As Clarissa prepares for the party she thinks of the famous actor Sally is lunching with, a B-movie action star who recently came out as gay. This sparks ruminations on why she, Clarissa, was not invited to lunch and again towards thoughts of the worth of her life. In her mind, she is "only a wife" p Clarissa tries to be grateful for the moment she is inhabiting, cutting the stems off roses at the kitchen sink. She thinks of the holiday she had when she was eighteen with Louis and Richard, a time when "it seemed anything could happen, anything at all" p Fun Stuff, Scripts. Jungle Bump Multiplication.

    I've included game boards for practicing 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's, 7's, 8's, and 9's multiplication skills. There are also center labels in 2 formats - with the Common Core. Math, Mental Math. Activities, Games, Math Centers. Using a music CD format, your students will enjoy being the "music. Activities, Homework, Literacy Center Ideas. It combines addition, subtraction, odd and even, place value, and money math sense, as students use their mathematical understanding to identify numbers defined. Included in this file are: Math, Mental Math, Place Value.

    Jungle Bump. Included in this file are gameboards for addition, subtraction, and multiplication as well as center labels for each. May your students. With a "Rockin' class" theme in mind, the songs can be used in morning meetings or to introduce your classroom's schedule for the day. Music, For All Subject Areas. PreK, Kindergarten, 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd. Activities, Fun Stuff, Songs. A longer version of my "Students, Students" file, this file again correlates to a six-day school cycle, however, further includes songs to go along with your day's specials.

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    Activities, Literacy Center Ideas. Math Number Words. This resource can be used to aid your students in writing numbers in written form.

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